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“Good leadership isn’t about advancing yourself. It’s about advancing your team".

John C Maxwell, American Author

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Workplace Programme

Employee wellness in the workplace

I offer a workplace programme to aid both employees and employers within a business environment. The key to a successful working relationship is collaboration and my experience of working with parents reflects in the programme that I have developed.  


There are many benefits of coaching in the workplace not only for the employees and managers, but also the company overall. Take a step in the right direction for a good and healthy workplace and boost performance from the inside out! 


As a parent relationship therapist, I am uniquely trained to promote health and well-being whether that be a family, partnership or business relationship. My husband and I have been running a successful business with many employees, here I have gained many years of experience as a facilitator of relationships in the workplace, bonding with work peers is an important part of work life.


I will teach your team effective communication skills, resilience-building tools and conflict strategies that are both applicable at home and in the workplace. 

This will give your team

  • Better manage and regulate stress

  • Boost focus, attention and emotional stress 

  • Improve relationships and communication 

  • Support parents to stick with their job

  • Support and navigate their children effectively at home

  • Employees become better co-workers 


The same qualities that makes a conscious parent will also make exceptional leaders and co-workers. Anyone can develop the ability to respond well in a demanding and stressful situation, I will give you the tools to manage this through all the many different stages in life. 

How to Book

I have appointments available via Zoom or in person at your workplace. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss the best way forward for your business. 

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