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Areas of Expertise

           Anger.                        Anxiety.                     


                       Bullying.                         Depression.                           

                          Divorce.                     Low Self Esteem.          


                                Marriage Counselling.   


                                                        Parent Support. 


                                Relationship Issues.                    Retirement.  


                                Young Person Support.  


                     Teenage Behaviour Problems.

Parent Support and Parent Coaching

One of the biggest challenges parents face is managing difficult or defiant behaviour on the part of children. What I have learned and experienced as a mother of six, is that all behaviours make sense and has an intended purpose, acting out is part of communicating.


What do we understand with protective behaviours .. this can be, 

aggression, temper tantrums, school refusal, anxiety, aches and pains...

This is also where our personal story is key, as this is often, where our behaviour influences the relationship we have with our child, partner and others.

As well as Parenting Courses and One to One sessions are also available. 

Please contact me to find out how I can help.

School Speaking Programme

I offer talks for staff and parents, to help build strong relationships,

with a fostering a growth mindset, to support our children, students and ourselves in the face of challenges.

My Approach
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What is Therapy?

Therapy provides a non-judgemental listening space where you can feel supported and understood and it is based on the assumption that all of us have within ourselves the capacity to make changes to our own lives for the better.

Therapy is a journey of exploration taken by the therapist and the client together, in order to gain insight and self-awareness and to find a way forward with difficulties in our lives.


It is about empowering ourselves to take control over our own lives for the better. Through an alliance with your therapist, one based on trust, respect and compassion, you can gain self-understanding and recognise patterns and connections you may not have seen previously.

This will likely lead you to identify changes you wish to make either on your own if you feel strong enough or perhaps with the support of the therapeutic relationship until you feel more connected to your own internal strength.

Therapy can teach you better mechanisms for coping with difficulty and promotes more healthy behaviours thus providing more satisfying relationships in your life.


Among the goals of therapy is the promotion of psychological well-being, both individually and in relationship with others, through self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion.

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