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HDIP in parenting 
HDIP in relationship & certified Mediator 
UCC accredited and a member of IARM
Trauma Informed Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner with
Dr Gabor Maté 


Crisis volunteer, trained by the HSE.

Supporting people in crisis and bringing them from a

hot moment to a cool calm. 

Through active listening collaborating, problem solving

and safety planning. 

Welcome to my website, my name is Sandra and I am a qualified Parent and Relationship Therapist working Internationally via zoom or in person here in Kenmare, Co. Kerry and in Dublin. 

I have a higher diploma in relationship and parenting mentoring and communication. ( accredited by UCC)

I am also honoured to be the 9th person in the Republic of Ireland to be certified by Dr Gabor Mate, I am currently continuing to work with the CI community.

What is Compassionate Inquiry?

This is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr Gabor Maté. 

The intention of compassionate inquiry is, to access deep healing and transformation, and to gain insight, to  see what stories you are telling yourself unconsciously, to explore what your beliefs are, where they came from and then guide you to the possibility of letting go of those stories, or letting go of the hold those stories have on you.

The CI approach is a powerful synthesis of multiple psychotherapeutic approaches, and is extremely helpful in trauma and addiction 

I am also uniquely trained to promote family health and wellbeing, and empower your team, with effective communication skills, resilience, building tools, that can be applied at home and in the workplace.

Areas of Expertise

Some of the services I offer are; Counselling, Coaching, 

One to One Sessions, School talks for parents and teachers, 

Parenting and Couple courses and support, Group Therapy

 and Workplace and Employee programs.

Anger.  Abuse.  Anxiety.   Bereavement Support.

Bullying.  Depression.  Divorce.  Low self esteem.   

Marriage Counselling.   Parental Guidance and Support.

Relationship Issues.  Retirement.  Young Person Support.

I trained directly with Dr Tony Humphreys, now working as part  of a team of associates who engage in ongoing supervision  to ensure the highest standards are maintained.  The purpose of this is for me to examine how I am within the therapeutic space and to explore any issues that may arise for me personally.  

Regular supervision is vital in order to provide the best possible service to my clients. I have also completed an in depth  professional psychotherapy course with Karen E Wells.

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sandra web logo 2.png

My Story

I was a people watcher from a young age and I have always been interested in people in general.         


Especially our behaviour. Why do we feel the way we feel? What

makes us tick? Why do we respond or react in certain ways when

certain challenges arises?  These are questions I needed to explore.

I grew up with a family member who was very lost and just could not

find his way on this planet, I witnessed people trying to help him and

this interested me greatly.  It  became very clear for me at a young age,

that people that suffer from depression, feel alone and are very much afraid of being judged because of the stigma around it. Through my

own personal experiences of bereavement and depression I would

like to share my experiences and break down that stigma. Please

click below if you would like to continue reading my story. 

sandra web logo 2.png

RTÉ Interview By Sinéad Harrington

Sandra Schmidt's tips for parenting through stressful situations.

"Sandra's understanding, non-judgmental, truthful words have had a great impact on my view of relationships, especially the most important one - the one with myself ".

            Client Testimonial                     


"Based on my experience, while I was attending Sandra's talks earlier this year, she is remarkable , very knowledgeable, easy to listen and understand. Every person was  treated like an individual, with respect and equality. I would strongly recommend Sandra".

            Client Testimonial                     

"Sandra is a very open minded individual and has a passion for psychology with a natural ability to help the people around her. I have been going through a hard time and Sandra has helped me to make the experience as smooth and as positive as is possible. Without any judgement. She really has helped me a great deal, especially with making decisions. I would highly recommend her for her knowledge, empathy and ability to help".

            Client Testimonial                     

Contact Me


I work from my office in Kenmare, Co Kerry and my office in Dublin. A regular session lasts one hour and costs €60. If cost is an issue I have a reduced price for people in certain circumstances. 

I have daily appointments available Monday to Friday from 10am until 5pm. If you would like to see me outside of these hours or a home visit please ask for availability. ​

Click the PDF for prices, privacy & cancellation policies 

Please contact me to make your appointment and we can work

together to set a suitable date and time.

Cappanacush, Kenmare

Co. Kerry, Ireland

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